Questions They Could Ask

There are no easy “cheat sheets” out there that will exactly define which questions you’ll be asked at a given interview.

Usually, once a company finds out that their interview questions are leaked on the internet, they’ll stop asking those questions.

It takes a lot of effort to come up with great questions which encompass the four study areas mentioned earlier (design, data structures, algorithms, and problem solving) which is why some companies are asking candidates to sign a non-disclosure agreement that states you won’t share what the company’s interview process is like.

But What Kinds of Questions Should You Expect?

Don’t dismay, there are still ways to find out what kinds of questions are important to the company. My favorite are searches on Google like “interview questions at Acme Inc” or “What’s it like to interview at Acme Inc”.

Job-related social media sites like sometimes give hints at the kinds of questions asked. You can also find some good results on and other forums.

Personally, I like to find someone within the company that I can get some basic information from. My typical workflow here is to find the company on LinkedIn, from there view a list of employees currently at the company in my area, and then search for the employees on sites like and ask if we can grab a coffee to can discuss the company.

Behavioral Questions

Coming soon!