Motivation for a Book

Motivation for a Book

I’ve given much of this advice to folks over many years as a developer, as a manager, as a hiring director, as a lead interviewer, as a technical coach, as a teacher …

At a certain point, you start thinking “if I just wrote wrote this down somewhere, people could read it and I wouldn’t have to share it over and over.”

That’s the theory, at least.

Turns out that writing an actual book is really hard.

I started putting all of my notes together into Google Docs and sharing those with students and anyone else who wanted help. Then I started looking into online publishing tools to make an actual, physical book. But I decided shortly after looking through pros/cons of self-publishing that I would go the “digital book” route, and here we are.

Along the way I also published my daily email series and as of mid 2019 I’m in the high 5-digits of number of emails sent to people looking for regular interview advice for getting a technical job. Seeing this number, along with other personal things going on, motivated me to get back to writing my book.