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May 2022 Giveaway

I gave away SOOO MANY of these wonderful 3D-printed dragons in May 2022 as thank-you gifts for people who visited the live stream or donated to the diversity in tech fundraiser. Most of them were shipped around the United States, but also to Canada, Finland, Norway, Germany, Estonia, Rwanda, UK, and India.

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I was the primary contributor to the content found on this site. I was not alone in this journey, and I owe credit to many others who shared ideas and coaching to make me a better interviewer and educator. Please see the Editors and Reviewers page for more info.

I have practiced these ideas and bits of advice, and I iterate and refine the content constantly. The text in this book is my own summary, and I publish it freely to share it with you. I am grateful to everyone who shared their wisdom and ideas with me over the years. I’ve done my best to attribute their contributions throughout the book; if I have forgotten to give you attribution, please contact me to correct this oversight!

I’ve done my best to write this text clearly, and made heavy use of the Hemingway App to assist with grammar and textual complexity.

Photos and Images

  • credit for stock photography goes to Pexels

Packages and libraries

  • modernizr - A JavaScript toolkit that allows web developers to use new CSS3 and HTML5 features while maintaining a fine level of control over browsers that don't support
  • font awesome - the iconic font and CSS framework
  • jQuery - The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library
  • lunr - Lunr enables you to provide a great search experience without the need for external, server-side, search services, etc.
  • horsey - Progressive and customizable autocomplete component
  • clipboard.js - copy text to clipboard
  • mermaid - generation of diagram and flowchart from text in a similar manner as markdown
  • highlight.js - Javascript syntax highlighter