I help interview incoming students in my role at Turing. We ask a range of personality questions, logic questions, and learn about their background. Some of the questions are about motivation, like why they want to pursue software development as a career. What prompted this idea of joining the tech industry in this capacity? What would success look like for you in seven months?

I started having fun with these last two, and often frame the question as this:

Let’s say you come to Turing, you work through the four modules, you graduate. What do you want to do with these new superpowers?

It’s fun to watch the expression on their faces when I ask this. Most people don’t think about learning these technical skills as “super powers”, and it’s certainly not the same as coming from another planet or being bitten by a radioactive spider. But they get my meaning.

What is it about software development that made you want to pursue this career?

We’ll cover some thoughts about this in future chapters, specifically about “sharing your introduction”.

More specifically, though: let’s talk about why you’re here, reading this book.

Where are you in your career? Are you just starting out? Been working a few years? A lot of years?

What is it about interviewing that has you looking for resources like this?

If you’re like me, the uncertainty of the interview process is a big hurdle. At its best, it’s intimidating. At its worst, it’s downright scary.

Then again, the whole industry can be a scary place. Let’s talk about what got you here.