Target Audience

My Target Audience

This book is written for entry-level developers. New graduates of colleges, universities, code schools, bootcamps, and self-taught programmers.

I hope that developers at an Intermediate or Senior level will also find some help in these virtual pages. All are welcome, even those in non-technical careers.

Some of the advice I published in my daily email series is aimed at those who have studied Internet application development. The content in this collective work will be more general for all technical careers. I will be adding more topics to the daily series and this text on a regular basis.

There are chapters in the book that will be helpful to those in technical careers of all levels. Specifically, the chapters on interviewing, soft skills, getting rejections, getting offers and negotiating, and resignations, will cover ideas that should apply to anyone in the tech industry.

I’m always open to feedback. Please do contact me if you have suggestions or edits.