Editors and Reviewers

Editors and Reviewers

I cannot give enough thanks to people who have helped to edit and refine my text and offer suggestions over the years. If I have forgotten to mention you in the list below, please contact me right away so I can publicly acknowledge you here.


To the many who have read and re-read this content, plus my Daily Email Series. For their eagle eyes that catch mistakes I’ve made and seen so many times they’ve become invisible. For fixing my grammar and spelling. For extra ideas on things to expand or make shorter.

  • John Mitchell
  • Katelyn Kasperowicz
  • Emily Freeman
  • Dwight Gunning
  • Ryan Flach

Feedback and Ideas

The following folks have provided lots of ideas that I’ve gradually started incorporating into the Daily Email Series and expanded on within this book.

In no particular order:

  • Austin French
    • for the idea of wring a lot of the tips from the Daily Email Series into a blog or monthly newsletter; this book was already in the works when this idea was brought up, but I appreciated hearing it!
  • Ernesto Alberto Bonet Moncada
    • load balancer , cluster, cache, cookies and virtualisation, distributed systems and peer to peer networks, cookies
  • Debika Dutt
    • sudden site slowness, where do you start debugging
  • Bernadette St.George
    • obtaining an interview…I have had almost no responses/interview offers, and I wonder why? Perhaps you could give your perspective on what one might do in terms of github or trainings or whatnot
  • E. Park and Parker Dobbs
    • pointing out dead links
  • Billa GK
    • If its for one year experienced means, how to do that introduction part
  • Theo Ask
    • how do I answer questions about school/education if I’ve been out of school for a really long time, > 15 years
  • Ryan Flach
    • how would you answer “Why are you the best candidate for this role?”