Live Streaming

Live Streaming will happen Thursdays and Sundays! Streams will be recorded and posted on YouTube.

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Pre-recorded videos on YouTube:

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Sunday 7pm Mountain Time: Prep and Get Ready for your Job Hunt this week!

On Sundays at 7pm (6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern, North America timezones), we’ll review top tips from other managers, recruiters, current articles, to prepare you for the week ahead. We’ll conduct live resume reviews, take Q&A from attendees, discuss interviewing strategies, and more.

Thursday 7pm Mountain Time: Q&A, Fireside Chats, Discussions

On Thursdays at 7pm (6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern, North America timezones), I’ll do my best to have one or two guests on the show (several already in the queue!) to discuss hiring trends, top news around interview skills, readiness and preparation. These guests will include heads of HR teams, recruiters, engineering managers including VP’s of Engineering, Directors, the occasional CTO, as well as other folks who have taken technology roles that aren’t 100% development, or thought of as 100% development, such as QA, DevOps, Security, and more.

If you’re interested in being a guest on the show, contact me via email.

Live Resume Review Submissions

Feeling brave? Want to have Ian (and others on the live stream) critique your resume? Upload it here to send via email. We’ll try to review one or two resumes every Sunday.

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Resume files not in PDF format will be discarded without review, thanks for your understanding!