Live Streaming

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11am Mountain Time on Sundays (10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern)

  • sessions will include Q&A, Ask Me Anything (AMA), interview tips and career coaching
  • live resume reviews, LinkedIn reviews, GitHub profile reviews
  • chats and discussions with others in the industry about interesting topics

Alternate Stream Times

I also stream on Thursday nights (6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern), but this will be more “maker” time, live coding, 3D printing, etc, but everyone is ABSOLUTELY welcome to interrupt my work to ask career/interview questions.


  • Every stream will go live on Twitch
    • If you want your question to actually show up in the stream interface, you’ll need to join us at Twitch.

Video Archive

Previous live-stream videos are on YouTube

Asking questions

  • Any question asked on the Twitch platform will be publicly viewable to everyone on the stream
  • Questions asked on LinkedIn will be re-asked verbally by Ian during the live stream, including your name
  • If you want to ask a question ANONYMOUSLY (without your name attached), send Ian a DM on LinkedIn or Twitter and mention that you want to ask a question anonymously
  • You can also “whisper” a message to the id736bot which will then show up anonymously in chat


I LOVE having other people on the stream to share their perspectives and ideas about tech. Feel free to contact me if you want to be on the stream, or know someone who would be valuable to hear from on the stream!

Coming Up

date topic guest(s)
Jan 12 TODO List Pulling something off the TODO list
Jan 15 Interview Prep Career advice, Interview Prep, Resume Reviews, etc
Jan 17 TODO List Pulling something off the TODO list
Jan 19 TODO List Pulling something off the TODO list
Jan 22 Interview Prep Career advice, Interview Prep, Resume Reviews, etc
Jan 24 TODO List Pulling something off the TODO list
Jan 26 TODO List Pulling something off the TODO list
Jan 29 Interview Prep Career advice, Interview Prep, Resume Reviews, etc
Jan 31 TODO List Pulling something off the TODO list

Future Guests, All Details TBD:

date topic guest(s)

Recent Guests

View them all here:

date topic / video guest(s)
Nov 20, 2022 Topic TBD Ryan McDonald,
Nov 13, 2022 Topic TBD Bakari Holmes,,, Spotify track
Oct 2022 DevOps Interviewing Rohit Ghumare, Technical Writer/Trainer
Oct 6, 2022 Topic TBD Esteban Dalel R, CTO/Cofounder @ Watermelon Tools
Oct 2, 2022 Topic TBD Aditya Oberai, DevRel @ Appwrite
Sep 29, 2022 Topic TBD Zuwee222, onw of our channel’s VIPs!
Sep 18, 2022 Topic TBD Ciaran McGhie,
Sep 15, 2022 Topic TBD Mark Dobossy, FiniteSingularity on Twitch
Sep 11, 2022 Topic TBD Praveen Purushothaman, DevRel, full stack JS
Aug 28, 2022 Topic TBD Salman Shah, Azure Team @ MSFT
Aug 21, 2022 Standing out as a candidate Asad Jibran Ahmed, Sr Dev @ Stripe
Aug 14, 2022 Topic TBD Mike Elsmore, UKMadlz on Twitch
Aug 11, 2022 Resume Reviews (no guest planned)
July 31, 2022 AI Ethics, Technical Writing Laura Langdon, Tech Writer @ Suborbital
July 17, 2022 Internship Journey Sakshi Rambhia, Assoc Product Mgr @ Google
July 14, 2022 Resume Reviews Tiffany Jachja (TiffTiffBytes on Twitch), Engineering Manager @ Vox Media
Mar 27, 2022 Q&A / AMA Taylor Dorsett,
Mar 10, 2022 Q&A / AMA Rizel Scarlett, GitHub
Mar 3, 2022 What is Developer Relations?
LinkedIn Event
Caroline Kerns, Amazon AWS
Christina Monti, PayPal
Danny Ramos, New Relic
Lauren Lee, New Relic
Wesley Faulkner, SimpleStore
Feb 10, 2022 Resume and LinkedIn Review of a tech celeb!! Chris Pirillo
Feb 3, 2022 Let’s Riff about Hiring Junior Devs!! Monarch Wadia
Gregory Witek
Dan Moore
Erick García
Jan 27, 2022 Recruiting Q&A / AMA Alex Wenz
Jan 20, 2022 FAANG engineering journey Mike Chen, Mike’s LinkedIn
Jan 16, 2022 Q&A / AMA Jerome Hardaway
Jan 13, 2022 Q&A / AMA Erick García
Jan 6, 2022 From Waffle House to Awesome House Ghameerah McCullers
Dec 2, 2021 Rapid-Fire Resume Screening Marathon! Josh Ashton
Nov 14, 2021 Tech-Adjacent Roles that aren’t full-tem Development Alyssa Lundgren
Tyler Lundgren
Norman Schultz
Jake Cohen
Oct 14, 2021 Letters to a New Developer Dan Moore
Sept 30, 2021 Leetcode Grinding with Sean Prashad Sean Prashad
Sept 26, 2021 Journey from Bootcamp to Multiple Job Offers Jen Batara
Sept 16, 2021 Questions YOU should ask at an Interview Lex Stewart
Emmanuel Mwangi
Brett Dangerfield
Martin McGovern
Aug 22, 2021 How to Prepare for Tech Interviews Lee Gonzalez
Aug 8, 2021 Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile Katherine Lewis
Aug 5, 2021 Normalizing talking about Mental Health in Tech Martin McGovern
Suchit Parikh
July 22, 2021 Recruiters: ATS and Applying for Tech Jobs Spencer Allen
Aaron Mullenix
July 22, 2021 Interviewing Differently in Tech – it IS possible! Jesse Spevack
July 8, 2021 Q&A / AMA Jonan Scheffler
Peter Motykowski