Financial Transparency

Financial Transparency

In the spring of 2022, I announced on my live stream that all incoming money from subscriptions, ads, donations, “bits”, and resume reviews would 100% be donated to causes and projects which have a PRIMARY goal of elevating diversity in the tech indsutry.

I’ve created this page, which I will endeavor to keep updated on a monthly basis, to fully disclose income from the stream, and where that money is going.


July 1 2022: all income up to July 1, 2022 as specified below will be donated to Hack the Hood

Income To Date

Twitch Income: $581.53

My entire Twitch income since I started streaming in July 2021, through April 30, 2022: $106.86:

  • paid subscriptions: $59.84
  • Amazon Prime subscriptions: $28.45
  • Gifted subscriptions: $434.67
  • Ads: $9.01
  • Cheering (bits): $49.58

YouTube Income: $0

  • I only have 678 subscribers, and I need at least 1,000 subscribers
  • I only have 1752 public hours watched, and I need at least 4,000 hours required

Resume Reviews: $98.25

  • resume review, July 2021, $50, minus $1.75 PayPal fee
  • resume review, April 2022, $50
  • I have ‘donated’ nine (9) private resume reviews to code school students over the past year, for full disclosure
    • I do this to help code school students in need who do not want a public resume review, but I do not gain income for these

BuyMeACoffee: $42.72

PayPal Donations for Diversity Fund: $90

Funding Match: $812.50

I do side consulting on as a paid contractor to conduct and grade mock interviews. As funds allow, at my own discretion, I will match all other money coming into the stream with income from income.

TOTAL: $1,625.00

Let’s Talk About It

I welcome input on my disclosures, via my live stream or by other public communication.