Feedback from Readers

Feedback is Always Welcome!

I love getting feedback from readers. Here are some samples I’ve gotten over the years:

From “B. O.":

So far, I’m hooked. This is excellent advice.

From “J. A.":

I appreciate the bite-sized wisdom offered in these [daily email series messages], and the pointers to dig deeper as well. It’s a helpful reminder to jumpstart my brain and get in ‘dev’ mode whenever I see them. Currently working on answers for questions like the ones included in the [daily email series] and your comments are good food for thought.

From “M. L.":

I really appreciate your creating the [daily email] series as it’s been both a great refresher for me and an excellent learning source. I’ve forgotten a bit about web application architecture and I usually just google things while I’m working so it’s nice to have things pointed out as important to remember. Also, I never even learned some of the topics you cover so it’s nice to have that as a source for things I should explore in more depth. I just wanted to say thanks for creating such a great resource.<br /

From “D. D.":

Thanks for creating such useful content and helping in preparing for technical questions. I have often been asked some of the questions that you have sent.

From “K”:

Just wanted to say thanks for the great email course. I love the structure of this; having short daily emails like this has been perfect for me. Toward the end of the course, I underwent a technical interview process, and I got the job! I do attribute at least some small amount of that to your course. What was most helpful was just hearing the wide range of questions and what the interviewer was looking for in the answer, especially the first couple weeks of the course. I interviewed for a mid-level native mobile developer position, so some of the emails were less applicable, but I still ended up ready for most the questions. Thanks again for great course!

From “A. F.":

Your [daily email series] is awesome and I’ve enjoyed reading every entry so far. I’m an aspiring web developer and I think having ~5 minutes to read over topics about interviews is a very valuable opportunity!

From “C.":

I have googled and read so much in preparation for when I start interviewing, and this really has been the most in depth view that I have ever seen…you’ve answered questions I didn’t even know I had =) […] I feel so much more prepared because of your newsletters. I’m not walking into a dark room, so to speak.

From “A. L.” regarding “Tell Me About Yourself”:

I like that you didn’t skip this question and that it was the first in the [daily email] series because everyone asks this question first. I know people ask this question, and I know my story, so I kind of assumed I’d know how to answer it and didn’t give it much thought other than that. But this helped me ponder it a little more and I think prior to this email if asked this question, I would have awkwardly countered with “Umm well what do you want to know? Like everything? Or what I’ve been doing lately? Like tell you my work history orrr…..?”. So now I can skip that awkward series of questions and prepare a confident, clear, relevant answer!

From “J. F.” regarding “Tell Me About Yourself”:

Thanks very much, this is really easy advice to follow. I’ve answered this question quite a few times but never really thought about it or broken it down like this before. I always thought of it as an icebreaker and just improvised!